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Tacks, The Boy Disaster - Oh, Beatrice

Tacks, The Boy Disaster
Oh, Beatrice

2006 # indie pop
Genre: Indie Pop Label: Ark Recordings (UK) Similar Artists: Grizzly Bear Austin, Texas Indie pop outift with a member of The Polyphonic Spree. Really good arranged songs. Unfortunatly there are no new recordings till now. Hope there will come m …
Meric Long - Dodo Bird

Meric Long
Dodo Bird

Genre: Indie Pop, Folk, Acoustic Label: Not on Label Debutalbum by Meric Long, better known as The Dodos. This EP has all the elements of later The Dodos records. Meric Longs wonderful voice and guitar playing, some background keyboardsounds and …
Gowns - Red State

Red State

Genre: Shoegaze, Noise-Folk, Indie Label: Cardboard Records Red State, though, is an album with a particular sound, like the sun-bleached Polaroids of one’s family, documenting personal exercises in communal cultural contexts. Melodies lie obscured …
Oral Constitution - Bibelpreik

Oral Constitution

Genre: Neo Folk, Avantgarde, Freak Folk Label: Artware Production (GER) Similar Artists: Current 93 Seriously though, I am concerned about this and I'm particularly concerned about the little girls who you see on the cover of this Oral Constitutio …
Hochenkeit - I Love You

I Love You

Genre: Psych Folk, Freeform Label: Road Cone Psych Folk with some Asian ethnic refrences and Freeform Krautrockrumblings. Excellent record! Tracklisting Ritual Nacirema Help Me/Help You Pios Bori? (Who Can Tell?) Smokin' The Astronaut …
Matthew De Gennaro - Under The Sun  + 5 (2003)

Matthew De Gennaro
Under The Sun + 5 (2003)

Wonderful sounding Psych Folk records, guitar picking, harmonia, birdchirpings and a sunshining peaceful athmosphere. Both were limited CDr releases. Under The Sun (2002) ​5 (2003) …
Ashtray Navigations - Tristes Tropiques

Ashtray Navigations
Tristes Tropiques

Genre: Avantgarde, Freeform, Noise, Drone Label: Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club, Rhizome one-man-and-a-tape-machine-against-the-universe... The highlight is about ten minutes in when some of th …
The Punks - Thank You for the Alternative Rock

The Punks
Thank You for the Alternative Rock

2005 # indie, noise, freeform
Genre: Freeform Noise Rock with less Rock, Improvisation Label: 5 rue cristine (US) Similar Artists: Gang Gang Dance, maybe This record got everywhere bad reviews, so this seems really bad music to die for. But give them a try. I can't remember any …
Los Banditos - Super Mono

Los Banditos
Super Mono

Genre: Garage, Porn Beat, Rock'n'Roll, Trash, Surf, Reggae, Grindcore, Punk Label: No Label (Tour CD) Similar Artists: Messer Chups German Garage/Porn Beat Supergroup with a limited release, all recorded in the basement. Rare CD with some Coverversi …

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