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Atlas Sound - 2010 - Bedroom Databank Vol. 3 (and 4)

posted Wed, 24 November 2010 12:00 by # shoegaze, experimental | Write a Comment

Atlas Sound - 2010 - Bedroom Databank Vol. 3 (and 4)you´re already in the know...but for the sake of completeness here´s the third part of the Bedroom Databank. I didn´t expect such an output, but Bradford seems to had a great stage of inspiration and creativeness in the past year. good for us and you and everybody.
let´s see what comes next (volumes 4, 5, 6...100?).


update: the 4th edition is available, too, including some recently recorded stuff and a talent show edition tape. the whole history behind it and of course the tape itself you can find here

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