Daniel Bachman & Ryley Waker – Europe Tour Dates Fall 2013

Jesus build my Hot Rod


American Primitive guitarist Daniel Bachman is on his way to Europe, this time with his pal, Ryley Walker and with a new record in his trolley.

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Jesus I’m A Sinner is Daniel’s 4th full length album and this time he adds a pinch more wood dust to his work. Beside the fact that this album was recorded in his fathers woodshop (wait, Daniel’s or Forrest’s? The press text isn’t clear here) it contains a fair amount of traditional, old timey tunes. So he was accompanied by a fiddle player and banjo player on two of his songs. But there is also his signature guitar playing style and some drones and moans. Very diverse and slower than expected. I guess someone told him to slow down the pace. However…

For the coming Europe Tour he’s touring with Ryley Walker, he played with when Daniel was still performing as Sacred Harp. Since both improved their playing over the time it will be interesting how they will perform together now. (See the tape from 2011 Of Deathly Premonitions).

Ryley Walker + Daniel Bachman – The Bootleg 15-Oct-2013

Daniel Bachman & Ryley Walker Europe Tour 2013

7th – New York (US) – The Living Room
10th – Antwerp (BE) – Audio Plant
11th – Köln (DE) - Bastille Kalk
12th – Wiesbaden (DE) - Fragmente
13th – Berlin (DE) - Monarch Berlin
14th – Berlin (DE) – Normans House Party
15th – Schwarzenberg (DE) – Galerie Rademann
16th – Ceske Budejovice (CZ) – Horka Vana
17th – Vienna (AT) – Mo.e
19th – Genoa (IT) – Garage 1517
21st – Marseille (FR) – Grim
22nd – Girona (ES) – Cafè El Cercle
23rd – Barcelona (ES) – Heliogabal
24th – Madrid (ES) – La Faena Bolos
25th – Paris (FR) – les Instants Chavirés
27th – Louvain La Neuve (BE) – Ecuries de la Ferme du Biéreau
28th – Brussels (BE) – Bonnefooi 
29th – Leiden (NL) – Hannah And Leos
30th – Den Hag (NL) – Villa Te Kuip
31st – Amsterdam (NL) – Occi
NOVEMBER — Daniel Bachman solo dates
15th – Durham – Pinhook
16th – Ashville – Apothecary
17th – Nashville – Bang Candy Company
18th – Louisville – TBA
19th – Urbana – Indigo
20th – Oberlin – Fairchild Chapel
21st – Pittsburgh – Acoustic Music Works
22nd – Charlottesville – Tea Bazaar 

NOVEMBER — Ryley Walker solo dates

2nd – Dublin – Anseo (w/ Cian Nugent)
3rd – Dublin – Molly & Dowling Dispensing Opticians (w/ Bill Orcutt)
7th – Arlene’s Grocery NYC (7pm)

This is the only gig in the south east of Germany. I don’t know why Leipzig missed him again, but good for us, so I am pretty excited to have them again here in the Ore Mountains!

Here is a impression from the last years gig concert.